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The Worldwide Leader of the Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Market.

Pinnacle Climate Technologies™ invents, develops and manufactures heating and ventilation solutions at the forefront of design and engineering. Whether you’re in the home, garage, job site or field, we have a solution that can keep you productive no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. We pride ourselves on our brands and their heritage that goes back over six decades. Whether it is Master®, Schaefer®, Remington®, Americ® or STANLEY® there is an established brand that the end user knows and trusts.

Not only do our brands lead the markets we occupy, our industry experience is unmatched. Pinnacle puts an emphasis on efficient logistics. With production assets in the U.S. and overseas, we control our own global supply chain from start to finish. Pinnacle takes pride in being the tip of the technological spear. Our recent innovations in quiet heating technology and large-scale evaporative cooling have secured our position as the bar-setter in our industries.

Pinnacle is the market expert in climate control. No matter your application, you can trust us to provide an effective, high-quality solution.

Please contact us at the number below and we will be happy to assist you.

Pinnacle Climate Technologies
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Pinnacle Climate Technologies Limited Warranty

Pinnacle Climate Technologies provides the following limited warranty from the date of invoice to the initial purchaser of our products or to its customers with a dated proof of purchase:

I. A limited warranty with a brand- or product specific term (see Section III below) applies to all products, components, and assemblies provided by Pinnacle Climate Technologies that prove to be defective in material or workmanship unless noted below as an exception.
• Any such defective product will be replaced or repaired at Pinnacle Climate Technologies’s option.
• Defective products shall only be returned to Pinnacle Climate Technologies with the approval of Pinnacle Climate Technologies and at customer’s expense.
• Replacement products or repair parts will be shipped to customer at Pinnacle Climate Technologies expense.
• Field repairs will be performed by customer at customer’s expense.

II. This limited warranty does not cover:
a. Failure, damage or malfunction as a result of:
i. Improper installation or installation not in accordance with installation instructions.
ii. Operating conditions that reasonably would be expected to damage the product and/or vary from Pinnacle Climate Technologies’s operating instructions.
iii. Misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, or accident.
iv. Damage incurred while transporting the product.
v. Improper operation of the product.
vi. Lack of appropriate or regular maintenance of the product, including, but not limited to, operating the product with debris buildup on the motor or blade.
b. Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of the product or other consequential or incidental damages.
c. Wear part replacement.
d. Superficial or cosmetic rust or corrosion.
e. Damage to a product whose nameplate has been removed.
f. Damage to a product that has been modified in any way.

III. Warranty Term*

Brand Or Product Warranty Term   Brand Or Product Warranty Term
Finished goods 30 days Heater parts 1 year

To file a warranty claim please contact our Customer Care Department at 800-641-6996.